Transforming Ocean Data with XOCEAN: Our Latest Investment

We are delighted to announce that Venturebeam has facilitated a €30 million Series B
funding round for XOCEAN, alongside Venturewave Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, and
Enterprise Ireland. This investment accelerates XOCEAN’s mission to revolutionise ocean
data collection for sustainable development.


Founded in 2017 in Ireland, XOCEAN uses Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) to collect
high-quality ocean data. Their technology supports various industries, particularly offshore
wind, contributing to 43.1GW of new offshore wind capacity and delivering over 4 million
gigabytes of data.

XOCEAN’s carbon-neutral technology will prevent one million tons of carbon emissions over
the next five years. Their innovative approach ensures minimal environmental impact while
delivering critical data.

James Ives, CEO of XOCEAN: “Our mission is to deliver data that drives the sustainable
development of our oceans in a safe, cost-effective, and ultra-low-impact way. Today we are
providing this service for many of the world’s largest energy companies, supporting the
development of clean, renewable energy globally. We are delighted that Venturewave
Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, and Enterprise Ireland have chosen to join us on this exciting
journey. The Impact-focused Venturebeam platform made the fundraising process efficient
and effective, allowing us to seamlessly connect with co-investors who share our
commitment to impactful, sustainable investments.”

Alan Foy, Chairman of Venturewave Capital: “XOCEAN is at the forefront of ocean data
collection, and their innovative approach is crucial for the sustainable growth of the blue
economy. We are proud to support XOCEAN in their mission to transform ocean data
collection and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.”

Adrian Garcia-Aranyos, President of Endeavor: “The impact XOCEAN is making in the
critical field of ocean data is groundbreaking and underscores the Endeavor mission to
support the highest-impact, most innovative entrepreneurs globally. Since joining the
network in 2021, James has been the embodiment of our ‘pay it forward’ ethos, giving freely
of his time and advice to other founders to help build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem at
home and abroad. We look forward to continuing to work with the whole XOCEAN team and
to charting their success in the years ahead.”

Karen May, CFO of XOCEAN: “This milestone is a clear vote of confidence in our brilliant
team, innovative technology, and the overall trajectory of our business. XOCEAN continues
to deliver exceptionally strong revenues and financial performance. We look forward to
deploying this new capital to further accelerate our market growth and solidify our

Leo Clancy, CEO of Enterprise Ireland: “Enterprise Ireland is committed to supporting
pioneering companies like XOCEAN that are driving innovation and sustainability in their
sectors. XOCEAN’s impressive growth and impact demonstrate the significant potential of
Irish enterprises on the global stage. We are proud to be part of their journey and to support
their continued success.”

At Venturebeam, we are dedicated to supporting high-impact ventures that align with our
values of sustainability and innovation. XOCEAN exemplifies this commitment, and we are
excited to see the positive global impact they will continue to make.