What is Venturebeam?

When it comes to making a meaningful impact, Venturebeam stands out as a beacon of change. Venturebeam creates an impact in venture investing.

Our mission at Venturebeam is to redefine the landscape of venture investing by placing paramount importance on the well-being of both our planet and our people. We are committed to addressing pressing global challenges, including but not limited to climate change, biodiversity loss, safeguarding human rights, nurturing democracy, and ensuring fundamental necessities like access to sustenance and education.

Although new regulations, standards, policies and agreements are being established, the desired effects of these changes do not happen fast enough. That is why it is vital to introduce immediate and noticeable change to solve these challenges while setting impact at the heart of innovation. 

Venturbeam believes that the answer is a combination of innovative, impact and mission-led companies matched with the right type of capital. The power of capital lies not only in supporting impact-driven entrepreneurs and innovation but within their innate ability to accelerate change. 

Venturebeam’s mission is to be the next-generation venture investment platform that matches like-minded entrepreneurs and capital while dedicating impact to the heart of one’s investment decision and business mindset. Venturebeam introduces seamless due diligence, creating digital global networks around investments and, ultimately, enabling desirable exit strategies.

By blending the drive of VentureWave and the strengths and expertise of Funderbeam and Vestiver, Venturebeam elevates the venture ecosystem to new heights, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled operational and financial acumen. With a team of leading professionals across the world in impact, technology, investment, finance, risk & operations, product development, as well as scale, marketing and commercial sectors – we are here to bring impact to venture investing.

Our Mission in Five Dimensions:

  • To put impact in the spotlight of venture investments and the daily venture capital business;
  • To enable founders to raise funds in a digital and transparent way;
  • To provide professional investors with a global, trusted platform that distinct “the music from the noise”;
  • To create a community and an exclusive online network;
  • To challenge the whole legacy of venture investing.

Venturebeam is uniquely positioned to change the landscape in venture investments and impact. Here, we’re not just setting new standards — we’re creating the gold standard. Our passion is to redefine the way the global venture landscape operates and to place impact at its core. We are pioneers in this space, and here’s how our unique approach and strategy sets us apart.

As we highlighted in our announcement regarding VentureWave’s investment in Funderbeam, “the timing couldn’t be better”. With impact at the heart of venture investments, power of capital, and innovation from mission-driven companies, we are here to introduce the impact of venture investing. Join us to shape the future of impact!