How do we define impact?

To impact, as a verb, means to exert a significant influence on someone or something. While our goal is to make a difference in venture investing, our primary focus is on instigating positive change for both the Planet and its People.

Our impact tree has 2 large stakeholders – People and Planet. To save the Planet, we set biodiversity and climate change as top goals. For People, our objectives include human rights and diversity & inclusion. We believe every company should have impact goals, whether as direct impact-driven companies or just regular venture companies measuring their daily operations footprint.

Patagonia: A Pioneer in Purpose-Driven Enterprise

Patagonia stands as an exemplary enterprise that seamlessly combines both regular business practices and a remarkable commitment to making a positive impact. While operating within a sector that shares similarities with numerous other businesses, such as the processing of goods and clothing for outdoor activity, Patagonia distinguishes itself through its exceptional approach to governance, product development, and day-to-day operations. By prioritising the needs of their customers and striving to minimise their ecological footprint, Patagonia sets itself apart and embodies a genuinely unique ethos within the industry.

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This is why Venturebeam developed a comprehensive Venture Impact Scoring process and scorecard applicable to all venture-backed companies, regardless of their stage, whether early or late and their revenue or IPO status. 

Our Venture Impact Scoring Framework:

  • Serves as a valuable tool for companies to align their impact objectives accurately.
  • Effectively enables investors to validate the impact of their investment portfolios
  • It serves as an educational resource by highlighting areas where immediate impact can be achieved, such as implementing strategies for continuous digital waste reduction and management within the company.

We are frequently asked if our primary impact goals are Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). However, we see governance as a foundational pillar that benefits both People and Planet, not a standalone goal. Likewise, while technology is a powerful enabler, it’s not the sole solution for driving impact.

That is why, in our questionnaire, we offer companies the opportunity to select one or multiple tools they employ to empower and implement their impact goals.

These options include:

  1. Utilising or Creating New Technology 
  2. Introducing Disruptive Products 
  3. Adopting Innovative Business Models (such as circular economy principles.) 
  4. Reassessing the Value of Natural Assets (such as recognising the inherent worth of trees beyond just timber) 
  5. Exploring New Materials 
  6. Influencing Consumer Behavior (such as incentivising reduced consumption or investing in impactful initiatives) 
  7. Enhancing a Specific Segment of the Value Chain
  8. Upholding High Governance Practices and Standards

We’re launching the Global Venture Impact Scoring system and our unique Impact Methodology. These set new standards, ensuring ventures not only succeed in business but also make a measurable positive impact. Whether a company is inherently impact-driven, has a robust impact mission, or aspires to create impact, our scoring system supports, funds, empowers, and educates.

How it works

You can explore our visual guide of the scoring process for more details before you start.